carpe diem wordsDo you feel like there is something more for you that you are not fully embracing? Are you wondering what your purpose is here on Earth in this time and place where you are right now?

Why is it that we fear our own unique gifts? Our creator gave us life, but not without purpose. If you are feeling, hearing, seeing or somehow sensing an inner desire that is calling for you to take action, then you are probably experiencing the call of your spirit; that part of you that is alive, creative, exploratory, passionate, inspired, inventive and deeply connected to your soul purpose. However, you also have that part of you that wants you to stay right there where you are, that place where you feel safe; like the little birdie that is afraid to leave the nest because he thought he couldn’t fly

……………….but then he did.

Your creator gave you wings to fly. Your wings are your spirit. You are the only one holding your wings down. It’s time for action. It’s time to flap your wings and get ready to take flight.

That place you call your comfort zone is a space you created within you as your safe place. This is a false sense of security created out of fear of falling out of the nest and not being able to take flight. Living fully in your passion and purpose is your true place of comfort; comfort in the knowing that you have followed your heart’s desires and the calling of your spirit; that you are ready to Carpe Diem!

Urban Dictionary:> Carpe Diem
To “seize the day” and/or a certain moment in time. To put aside all differences, all fears, all worries and just go for it. To make the most out of that part of time. Carpe Diem more often or you will miss out on life and never truly be happy. By Chris S. (aka no sheep)

Are you ready to “seize the day”?

It’s time to soar to new heights. It’s time to explore the big open sky of possibilities. There is a whole world that awaits you.

Soar, Glide, Explore, Fly High. Feel your confidence growing inside of you every time you flap your wings a little more.

This meditation will give you that little push out of your (fear) comfort zone and into the world so you can produce, create, generate and live in your true comfort zone.

From My Heart to Yours,