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Sometimes Yelp suppresses reviews although all reviews are authentic.  Copied below are the Yelp reviews. I post them here because I want people to know that there are answers to their challenges, that those answers are within them, and that they can access those answers with the proper guidance and tools.
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Kelly turned my life around in just one past life regression. She was by far the only Hypnotist on Long Island that resonated with me as soon as I went to her website. Getting in touch with her was very easy, especially since I am a person that doesn’t like being on the phone, so we ended up communicating through e-mails. She gave a lot of information on what to expect and how to prepare for the past life regression session. During the session (and before & after) she was very compassionate and it was obvious, her goal is to help people live a happier life. I can only recommend her, especially for people who feel they are stuck with traditional therapies or don’t want to take medications that cloud our receptors In the long run. Truly an amazing therapist!!  Liana B. 04/06/16HeartPurpleBevelSMALLYELP REVIEW:
Since I went to Kelly, I have been feeling much more at ease with the thought of death and those that have passed.
I actually was able to help one of my close friends get through a very rough time with a loss explaining how they are always here. Kelly has been an incredible influence on my life and I am so grateful I opened my mind and heart to hypnosis by her. Honestly life changing. Megan P. 09/03/15


Kelly has been wonderful in helping to heal emotional issues so I can move forward in my life. I have been going to her for years, first starting with Reiki and then moving on to hypnosis. She really amazes me with how much she continues to study, learn, take classes and continue to better herself for her clients’ benefit.  Kolleen S. 08/22/15

I stumbled upon Hearts in Harmony Hypnosis after becoming interested in hypnosis and past life regression as a means of working through some issues that I am dealing with. I found the process to be fascinating and am so glad that I experienced it. It truly revealed to me much about my psyche and spirit. I would highly recommend!  Kelly S. 07/07/15


I found Hearts in Harmony Hypnosis after a Google search for past life regressions on Long Island. Something about Kelly’s page stuck out to me, and I’m glad it did. After talking to Kelly on the phone for a few minutes, I felt myself open up to her bright, loving, and calming spirit. I have had two regression with Kelly and each one has helped me unearth some serious emotional wounds, soul contracts, and 3D programming I have been carrying with me in this life from past lives. I left each regression truly believing in what I experienced, and I was able to fact-check the name and date of a location that I lived in during one of those lives, which added that much more credibility to my experience. More than anything, I have walked away from Kelly’s regressions with confidence to go forward in my own healing journey, faith that I am being guided and looked after by my spirit guides, and faith in the knowledge that meeting and healing with Kelly has always been a part of this journey. Her regressions never feel rushed or hurried, and I was able to relax and meditate through her technique to get to a place of deep hypnosis where my subconscious and higher self revealed my the answers to the questions that led me to her. I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in taking gentle, deeper steps in their healing and ascension journey. She will help you jump as much as you are ready and willing to jump. I owe her a lot for the peace of mind I was able to cultivate after the regressions, and the rich network of other healers that she has connected me to since. Love and light to all who get a chance to work with Kelly.  Kristen T. 07/08/15



I went to Kelly because I was taking a holistic healing class and it was recommended I try this. I was very pleasantly surprised as Kelly took me through a five step process. I learned more about myself than I did in two years of therapy! Hypnosis can help in more ways with many different types of situations. Kelly was patient, soft spoken and took her time in getting to know my story and then helped me re-write it! Thank you Kelly!!  Tracy A. 01/18/15



Kelly is absolutely amazing! I have been struggling for over 15 years with anxiety related issues. Doctors recommended prescription medication but I didn’t want to go that route.  Kelly helped me to find the root of my feelings through hypnosis and worked towards a solution with me. After trying everything this worked! I could not be happier with Kelly’s services. She has the gift of healing and is so kind and nurturing along the way. I can’t say thank you enough. Kayla K. 01/11/15



I hosted a Past Life Regression Gathering at my home where Kelly guided us with her experienced & gentle technique through an amazing journey to the memories of our past lives. I truly feel that I found the answers that now enable me to have peace within. I really can’t wait for another session!!
Thank you Kelly Liz G. 01/13/15


Hearts in Harmony Hypnosis was the answer to my prayers!
After 24 years of smoking… I was able to quit because of Kelly!
I tried everything, patches, gum, medicine, acupuncture, cold turkey and laser treatment.  After several attempts over the last 5 years…
I did it! I am smoke free! She was very thorough in explaining the process to ease my concerns and nerves. She is professional and thoughtful and even reached out to me several times over the last few months checking up on me, motivating me and assisted me through out. I love the fact she gives you PERSONALIZED Cd’s to reinforce being a non-smoker! She saved me $250 a month with my habit equaling $3000 a year! I recommend her highly and she is worth every penny! Thank you again Kelly!


In Spring of 2011, my 16 year old daughter told me her eyelids hurt.  The next day, I received a call from the school nurse telling me my daughter is complaining about her eyes.  I picked my daughter up from school and took her to the eye doctor.  My daughter said her eyes hurt so bad she couldn’t even be in the sun or handle the slightest breeze brushing across her eyelids.  I was very worried about her eyes. After going through several eye tests, the doctors felt she should come back for an MRI because they couldn’t find anything wrong with her eyes from the tests.  I told the doctors I thought it could be from stress because I noticed that she stretches her eyelids a lot during a conversation about something bothering her. The doctors agreed it could be stress causing trauma in the muscles in her eyes but to come back in two weeks anyway for an MRI, so we scheduled an appointment for two weeks later.  I still felt in my gut that the problem was caused by her stretching her eyelids too much from feeling stressed.  However, I didn’t know how to help a teenager with stress without using drugs until my friend suggested hypnosis.  I met with the hypnotist at Hearts in Harmony Hypnosis and I was very pleased with the information I received and decided to give it a try.  Wow! I was so surprised. After one session, my daughter started to feel better because she told me the next morning she had less pain.  I became very hopeful that the hypnosis session was helping.  The hypnotist also gave my daughter a CD of the hypnotic session and was told that she should listen to the CD each night before going to bed to re-enforce the session. After about 15 straight evenings of my daughter listening to the CD, she stopped stretching her eyelids completely. We only had one session with the hypnotist and it was well worth it.  Recently, due to finals at school, learning how to drive and trying to find a job, my daughter started to stretch her eyelids again due to the stress she was under.  Thankfully, she still has the CD.  After listening to the CD again for a couple of days, she is again doing great.  I can’t thank you enough Kelly

Sincerely,A Thankful Mom from Levittown, NY

My daughter, now 12 years old, had a life long habit of sucking her thumb. Her dentist recommended orthodontia to address her cross-bite and other structural deformities in her mouth aggravated by her thumb sucking. I knew my daughter’s thumb sucking had to stop before proceeding with orthodontia. Despite years of encouraging suggestions, discussions on the ramifications on her mouth, chemical nail polish, socks on the hands, and the constant toll on her self-esteem, my daughter could not stop sucking her thumb, her one reliable source of comfort at all times. I started working with a former dentist and oral surgeon who’s training now includes Visceral Manipulation and Lymphatic Drainage, in hopes of improving my daughter’s cross-bite. While significant progress was made in correcting the structure of my daughter’s mouth, I was advised to try hypnosis for my daughter’s thumb sucking, as it was reversing much of the corrective work.  I was recommended to Kelly by a friend. After one session with Kelly, my daughter was sucking her thumb less than before and we were so excited for her and proud. This was accomplished by listening to a CD Kelly made of their first session and following additional techniques Kelly had suggested for our daughter to comfort herself versus thumb sucking. After their second session, Shana’s thumb sucking continued to decrease and we were all thrilled, including Kelly, who proved to be kind and compassionate and obvious in her love for helping children. My daughter was going away for 10 days and I was concerned that she would be nervous and revert back to her habit for comfort, so we scheduled a third session for re-enforcement. Well, my daughter returned from vacation but has since not returned to her thumb sucking habit. We now have confidence to proceed with orthodontia with optimism that my daughter will not suck her thumb and interfere with future corrective work in the structure of her mouth. Kelly consistently encouraged me to inspire my daughter to continue her good progress at all times, even if setbacks occur. Thank you Kelly!
S.B. from New York
I am a 19 year old student who suffered from anxiety.  The anxiety would come out in dizziness when I would go to crowded places like the mall, or be in high places like bleachers or other high areas and, most frequently, while in the classroom. I have been on medication for my anxiety for the last two years and have seen no difference. I have been going to a psychologist for the last 3 years and although it helps I still suffered from anxiety. When I first went to Kelly at Hearts in Harmony Hypnosis, I was skeptical but making that phone call to her was the best thing I did for the anxiety.   Kelly worked with me every week for about five weeks and I finally feel that I am anxiety free. With her positive words ingrained  into my subconscious, I have learned on my own that when I am in the classroom, when I am in high places or at the mall, all where I would become anxious, that I am better than this anxiety and I am in control of my mind. I feel that Kelly has changed my life and I am a completely different person now, no longer scared to try things just because of anxiety. I now face my fears with confidence knowing that I will be ok and I will not get dizzy. I would highly recommend anyone who is suffering with stress or anxiety or any other unwanted emotional feeling or habit to contact Hearts in Harmony Hypnosis.
A.N.Williston Park, NY
Kelly is a joy and comforting presence to work with. She immediately put me to ease with her warm, caring and spiritual ways. Kelly spent time listening to me, and offering valuable insights about my situation before starting the hypnosis process.  Kelly is genuine and truly cares for her clients. She goes out of her way to help each client heal. Kelly has helped me reach deep down to touch parts of my childhood that I needed to connect with.  Kelly has worked wonders with my teenage son who has always been very tightly closed with his emotions. She spoke with him, put him to ease and was able to get him to relax enough to go deep into hypnosis. I would never have believed anyone could get my son to do something like this. He was able to bring up childhood memories that made him cry. It was very releasing for him. Afterward, he and Kelly spoke about what came up. It was definitely healing for my son. He actually went back a few times because working with Kelly was very comforting to him. This is a boy who refused to participate in many types of therapy in the past. My son has been free of his obsessive thoughts for over a year now. Kelly truly worked wonders with him.
From a thankful mom, New York
Recently, I was in a place where I felt stuck and needed help to move forward.  Having tried hypnosis and other modalities years before with little results, I felt I was ready to try again.  I wanted someone local and Googled hypnotist in my area and found Kelly’s website.  I was struck by how open she was about her practice and that she laid out full disclosure.  But more importantly was what she wrote about, how hypnosis affected her life, which made me think, here is someone that used a tool that helped her so much she made it her life’s calling – that’s a pretty good recommendation right there.  Meeting Kelly for the first time, I was not only impressed with her intelligence and knowledge about hypnosis but that I felt comfortable when she said she was just a guide and that I would do the work.  Immediately I thought, I am still in the driver’s seat and she’ll be my GPS.  That made sense to me – if you don’t totally dive right in and do the work yourself the benefits would be less than successful.  Here was someone letting me go at my own pace and accepting where I was at in my life and worked with me on my level.  And Kelly was giving me the tools and teaching me how to use them myself – something I can use the rest of my life.I had my first session that night and it was so powerful that I continued with several more sessions that really helped me to get beyond the road blocks in my mind and look at life in an entirely new way.  I took a break from my appointments to take care of family matters.  I will return to Kelly to work with her on other modalities in which she is a certified instructor.  I highly recommend this intuitive, smart and spiritually connected teacher – your life will be richer and lighter for it!
C.R. Kelly, from New York
My daughter has been an athlete most of her life playing competitive sports. She has always done well with her achievements but there was always something holding her back. Her low self-esteem and lack of self confidence. She has always had the skills to back up her sport, but if she felt inferior to her opponent she would beat herself up mentally and her sport would suffer.  This past season she seemed to be struggling with her confidence a little more than usual, and her game was really starting to suffer. I found it a little unnerving that here is this child, who has been playing this sport and excelling at it for the majority of her life, was breaking down mentally worse then I had ever seen before. The competition was a little more intense than it had been in past years and I was thinking that maybe it was time for some therapy. The only problem was it was mid season and time was of the essence. I have known Kelly for years, but in past years we had grown apart. It was recently that we had become friends again, and I remember hearing that Kelly was certified in Hypnosis. I immediately got in touch with her and told her my daughter’s situation. Kelly reassured me that Hypnosis could absolutely help my daughter. My daughter was a little hesitant at first but soon decided that it was worth a shot. We met with Kelly the next day and she immediately put my daughter at ease. Our goal was to instill self-confidence, for my daughter to have faith in herself and to be more positive. The results were almost immediate. My daughter started feeling more positive and it immediately translated into her performance with her sport. Within a few weeks she was back at the top of her game. Her self confidence and positive behavior is also helping her in school, with her social life and is just making her a happier person. I highly recommend Kelly. Kelly is very professional and caring, she loves what she does and it shows.
Sincerely, S.S., Long Island, New York
Every once in a while someone unique comes along in your life’s journey.  I met Kelly through a friend.  Reflecting on my son and a good friend’s depression, this prompted me to seek help for them through Kelly.  Her beautiful characteristics, compassion and virtues are a true representation of her love, and passion for what she does best.  After having a hypnotic secession with Kelly, the results for my friend were truly amazing.  It was one of the first times I had witnessed this girl smiling without tears in her eyes in a long time. Sadly, she has lost her son several years prior to drugs, and could not push past it. Her depression overwhelmed her. With Kelly’s help, my friend has switched her negative past focus, to a present positive one, clearing a pathway to her best yet to come; her future. My son was also suffering from a bout of depression. He craved a challenge of doing something that he thought was unattainable and out of his scope.  While attending a party, every person came up to me questioning; “What is the matter with your son?”  They had never witnessed him like this before.  He sat quietly, withdrawn from the crowd, wanting to go home. During this week he met with Kelly for a hypnotic intervention. The following Saturday we were back at my girlfriend’s house, with the same 50 people that saw him bummed out just a week prior.  Once again, every one questioned me as to; “What the heck did you do for your son?” He was a different person, very happy, smiling and engaging in all activities? Kelly has helped my son pull light out of a dark situation that he was stuck in. He is now able to circumvent his internal worries, as he peruses his aspirations.Today my friend and my son are two very important people in my life who have a spiritual renewal and healing for themselves. Kelly has given insight to the both of them, showing them how they can let go and overcome their internal battles. While bringing their inner strength and abilities to the surfaces, she empowered their minds, unleashing life haltering issues they suppressed. They both have a new sense of life, love and spirit. Kelly has had an extraordinary influence on my son and my friend’s lives, and I am grateful for her life coaching capabilities.                 
Sincerely CB
I was at a very difficult and emotional place in my life when I started seeing Kelly for hypnosis, Reiki and IET.  My sessions with Kelly helped me deal with and release emotions that were affecting me in an unhealthy way physically and mentally.
I always feel comfortable sharing my thoughts and emotions with Kelly as she is very supportive, a genuine and good person and truly wants to help.  I am so glad that I met Kelly at the time that I did in my life and I don’t believe it was a coincidence.  Things happen in this life when they are supposed to and that was when I met Kelly. I am in a better place in my life emotionally and physically.  I have learned that in order to be the best me, I HAVE to take care of myself on all levels.  Kelly has helped me come to this realization and I am so glad we crossed paths when I needed help the most.  Thank you!
– Leigh, Long Island, New York
I found Hearts in Harmony on the internet. At first I was very skeptical about hypnosis but I decided to give it a try. At the time I was feeling lost. I  had no strength to face the difficulties I was going through alone. I needed to find guidance, so I visited Hearts in Harmony.  I can’t believe the success that I am having after completing only a few sessions with Kelly. It was easy for me to open up to her because she’s a very easy person to talk to.  My life has significantly changed for the better and I am beyond happy. I am organized, more focused, I know exactly what I want and what truly makes me happy. After the therapy I became closer to my kids.
Sincerely, anonymous, Long Island, NY
Originally, I came to see Kelly because I was looking for a ‘magic cure’  to end my anxiety, anger and fears.  What a found was much, much more.  I have to admit that at first I was skeptical about hypnosis. I had used  it to quit smoking years prior but could it work on my new issues. Well it did.  Kelly’s  program is wonderful. My entire mindset feels changed, about myself and my  feelings in general.  I really like  the compassion that Kelly used in her sessions. She really made me feel like she  cared.  I felt comfortable and at  ease with her.  I’ve experienced a  difference in my relaxation, and mood, and confidence. But most of all I have  changed the way I look at my problems and how to solve them.  She  is dedicated to her profession and is, simply stated, one of the  best!!! I am eternally grateful, maybe I did find the ‘magic’ I was looking for,  after all.
C.R., Long Island, NY
 For a long period of time I had struggled with unresolved emotional issues regarding the untimely death of my father as well as other interpersonal and business related conflicts resulting from a failed  business partnership. Over the period of several hypnosis sessions, Kelly helped me find coping strategies that allowed me to finally identify, confront and release the host of emotions ranging from fear, anger, distress and anxiety which heretofore were both unidentified and unresolved. It had been close to a year since the hypnosis sessions were performed and I can say with total confidence that the professional and compassionate consulations received from Kelly have helped me overcome these emotional blockages that in the past controlled or affected my personal happiness and my outlook on life.
J.M., New York
On November 26, 2013 I embarked upon my remarkable Journey of Hypnosis Consultation with Kelly Tallaksen. My first initial contact with Kelly was by telephone, the conversation was extremely comfortable & pleasant. Afterwards, I knew in my spirit that I had made the right choice, and that the Universe had guided me correctly. When I met Kelly for our first session, she was warm & caring and quite charming. We talked as if we knew each other for years. That to me was a Great sign that I was in good hands 😀 My  sessions with Kelly were Wonderful. She relaxed me and this allowed her to go deep into my Subconscious, which helped me to release the STUFF which had held me hostage for a good portion of my Life. Through All of my sessions with Kelly, the PAYOFF from all of this, was that after many years of No Communication with my Sister & niece, I finally, because of these consultations, have rekindled a NEW relationship with my only family that I have left. 😀 Kelly Tallaksen is a Wonderful Hypnotist, I recommend her Highly. She’s thorough and caring in her approach to her clients personal needs. To anyone who might be reading this Testimony, give Hearts in Harmony Hypnosis A TRY!!!! Come with an open mind & heart. LETTING GO!!! & RELEASING will allow you to Live a Life that you were meant to live. Thank You  Thank You  Thank You KT!!!  Blessings2U
EC… From Bethpage.
Kelly and I met when we took our hypnosis training together.  Kelly’s persistent drive and desire to help and support people in their desire to become emotionally and energetically balanced is noble and inspiring. She has a passion for learning and a heart filled with unconditional love, compassion and empathy for everyone she meets.  She is quite knowledgeable in the field of obtaining and maintaining emotional, energetic and spiritual balance in life. What I love most about Kelly is her willingness to share her knowledge on health and wellness without hesitation. I have been hypnotized by Kelly a few times and the sessions were significant and effective healing experiences.  Since our sessions together, a new chapter has unfolded in my life. I am more connected with self, more accepting of life’s challenges and able to maintain emotional balance.  Kelly’s loving, gentle and empathetic techniques are not only effective, but bring a sense of well-being and peace within you.
Kelly is a compassionate gifted hypnotist and energy healer.  She taught Karuna Reiki to me and the experience was nothing short of amazing.  I am blessed to have Kelly in my life both professionally and socially.
Lily Lale Yilmaz, Board Certified Hypnotist
My boyfriend and I started seeing Kelly about 10 months ago when we were having issues with our relationship. At first I was skeptical of hypnosis and reiki however after working with Kelly I can honestly say that I believe in these types of healing strategies. We have gone to Kelly for couples counseling, individual hypnosis, and reiki. She spends so much time getting to know and understand you and really truly cares about your happiness.  She makes you feel so comfortable talking to her and is so down to earth. I always look forward to our sessions because I feel so much better when I leave. She helps you understand the person you are and gives you different ways to achieve your goals. During couples counseling, Kelly listens to what we both have to say and helps guide us to a mutual understanding of each other.  Kelly has used hypnosis as a tool to get to the root of some underlying issues in our relationship which stem from childhood experiences that still affect us as adults. Reiki has been  a really good way to eliminate stress from the body, making you feel very relaxed and clear-headed. Kelly is an amazing person to work with and we thank her for all of her help! ~Wantagh, NY
Just wanted to thank you for today as I’m not sure what’s going on but I’m a lot happier or less stressed.  Ill be sure to book another appointment soon along with one for my sister. I downloaded some apps to open up my heart chakra so hope it works.  Thanks again.(email received from a client who experienced the Reiki/IET combination energy healing) 

February of 2005 I was able to quit a 35 year smoking addiction with the aide of Nicorette gum. It took several months to overcome the cravings and the need to chew the Nicorette but it worked. Fast forward to 2010, I had a very stressful event happening in my life. I found myself close to taking up the smoking habit again. To avoid becoming a smoker again, I began chewing the gum. Thus  began my 4 year addiction to Nicorette gum. I chewed it extensively, never without pieces in my possession I would be chewing 20 to 30 pieces daily. I knew I had to get help to quit. On Sept. 14, 2014 I met with a hypnotist from Hearts in Harmony. From that one time meeting and hypnosis session I am once again nicotine free!  I continued to use the customized CD as additional support for several weeks and have 100% success.

Thank you Hearts in Harmony!  G.P.

Dear Kelly,(February 2015)  I recently had a doctor’s visit since I started to listen to the cd’s.  The results were great.  My anxiety levels were less and the results were very good.  I wanted to thank you for a “job done well” and I thought you would like to know.      Regards,  Charlie
  Since I went to Kelly, I have been feeling much more at ease with the thought of death and those that have passed.  I actually was able to help one of my close friends get through a very rough time with a loss explaining how they are always here.  Kelly has been an incredible influence on my life and I am so grateful I opened my mind and heart to hypnosis by her.  Honestly life changing.  (Note: Client experiencing deep sense of sadness from loss of people she felt close to in her life). (Megan, March 1015)
(March 2015) Client shares the following sentiments after three sessions:  I truly miss our sessions and can’t get over how I changed in significant ways. More work needed but I am convinced  you are my angel guide on this part of my journey. This is God’s work you are doing and I feel lucky to have found you.  (Client sessions on hold for personal reasons. Updated testimonial to follow)
(September 2015) I met Kelly when I was at a very emotionally unstable point in my life and did not understand why at my age (50) that I was suffering through similar effects of my adolescence. When I first called her to inquire about the hypnotherapy she patiently and warmly talked with me and wanted to sooth my anxiety and was able to help me out of the constant state of craziness that I felt I was in, it was then that I knew I wanted to try the hypnotherapy and see if I could take control of my emotions and my mind and not allow someone else’s fears or emotions control me. I am a firm believer in Kelly’s ability to help people with both their present situations and assisting with coming to terms with their damaging past . The advice and guidance she has continued to provide me with have helped me to grow a more patient personality  and helped to boost my self esteem and feel more worthy of better treatment that I was allowing myself to previously. Kelly is awesome and If could see her daily ,lol, I would.   Thank you  Dawn M

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Reviews about Hearts in Harmony Hypnosis

Amazing results

Kelly is absolutely amazing! I have been struggling for over 15 years with anxiety related issues. Doctors recommended prescription medication but I didn’t want to go that route. Kelly helped me to find the root of my feelings through hypnosis and worked towards a solution with me. After trying everything this worked! I could not be happier with Kelly’s services. She has the gift of healing and is so kind and nurturing along the way. I can’t say thank you enough.By Kkelly56 January 13, 2016 at 11:26 AM

6 Month Follow Up

Hi Kelly,Thank you for thinking of me!  I was just talking about you the other day with my husband Nick.  I was expressing my gratitude for your gift and what you have helped me accomplish overcoming my anxiety.  I am now 4 1/2 months pregnant and so thankful that I no longer put unneeded medication into my body now that my mind has been able to heal with your help.  I am forever grateful because I know I would not have been able to do it without your guidance.I would love to attend in Long Island on the 15th and listen to you speak at the Navel Expo. Please let me know if I should go ahead and purchase a ticket online or if you have any left that I would be able to get from you.Hoping all is well.Thank you, KK

(February 2016) I came to Kelly for a Past Life Regression.  It was truly an empowering and healing experience.  Although I had been divorced for more that 10 years, I still felt a strong connection to my x-husband and found myself with a very strong desire to continue to help him.  As I had no intention of resuming a relationship with him, my energies were not well spent.  I felt there was something deeper that was driving this need to always be there for him.  Kelly skillfully and gently led me into three lifetimes as well as into my soul.  I was able to see the pattern of protection that I had established in our prior lifetimes together and also learned of a vow I had made to him.  Kelly lovingly guided me through the process of modifying the vow, cutting cords and also healing the hole in my heart.  Due to Kelly’s expertise, the process unfolded with ease.  I left her office feeling light, whole and complete. Thank you Kelly for sharing your gift, it is incredible the amount of healing that took place!        CH, Baldwin NY

Hi Kelly!

I just wanted to thank you again for yesterday.  It was such a great opportunity to experience the lives between lives spiritual regression with you.  I wanted to let you know that my readings last night were amazing!  I think and know that it was directly related to my session with you.  I had not one ounce of  doubt in my ability to connect and gave my clients the best spot on readings that I’ve ever given.  I read 12 people last night, and even with not feeling well, I gave each client exactly what they needed. I think that it was all connected to my feelings of being judged, so I now know that I defiantly resolved that issue with you yesterday.  I told them all the message and symbols that I was receiving and my clients received and understood them perfectly.
Thanks again for everything.
Darina J. 03/20/16
Recently I underwent  Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy with Kelly. We explored my subconscious memories of one of my  previous life (what my soul considered important) and then during the Life Between Lives session, we discovered my afterlife adventures, guides and soul group companions, and my life purpose in this current lifetime.

The Life Between Lives gave me the realization that I have choice in life – that being a victim is just a state of mind.  I have experienced a lot of different healing modalities during my life, and what Kelly offers is a very fundamental, highly effective level of transformative healing. If you are stuck in your life, have tried a number of healing therapies and cannot seem to find a way around – this could be for you.   Allowing the session to unfold without judgment and being flexible within the flow was very beneficial – my experience was perfect for me. Life Between Lives was a great experience that allowed me to resolve past issues and view the present and future with confidence.  The most astonishing news for me was that my first incarnation on the Earth, I have experienced as a plant for a reason to connect with the elements : earth, air, water and fire.

Kelly is a very approachable, open, and easy going person, which makes it easy to feel comfortable and safe. I was very happy with the session.I found Kelly to be very understanding, gentle, kind, supportive and non-judgmental in her approach.  Her sincere and compassionate ability to help you unravel and sort through issues in your life is deeply healing in itself, but when you add that to her remarkable skills – you are set to have a transformative experience which will change your life. Kelly is a kind hearted and wonderfully knowledgeable therapist and person.  I hope that anyone reading this testimonial who may perhaps be wondering if these techniques can help – let me just say, yes they can! Get the answers that you have been seeking so you too can reach your full potential. I am very happy with the session of LBL with Kelly, she’s very knowledgeable, supportive, and professional and I would not hesitate in recommending her. Thanks again Kelly for a wonderful experience!  Alla S.  04/18/16

I had an amazing breakthrough with hypnosis at Long Island Healing Arts.   I am no longer stuck and now moving towards my life purpose.  I highly recommend Kelly Tallaksen.  Kelly has such a soothing voice and tremendous knowledge that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.Thank you Kelly! S.I. ?

“I went to Hearts in Harmony not knowing what to expect. I have never tried past life regression, but I was open to trying anything to help lower my anxiety. After a few sessions with Kelly, I was able to see things clearer and I have gained a lot of insight. Subsequently, I have less anxiety and am living a better life. Kelly is an amazing hypnotist.  9/22/16 CA

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After reading books by Dr. Brian Weiss, I became increasingly interested in Past Life Regression hypnosis. After doing a simple Google search I, by chance, stumbled on Hearts in Harmony. There were other options, but something drew me to this practice. After emailing Kelly about setting up a potential appointment, she called me that same day giving me details on what the process entails. By the end of the conversation and a short email after, I had my appointment booked.  Upon arriving to the Hearts in Harmony location in Levittown, my nerves seem to be put at ease. The office is beautifully decorated and will make any first time going feel extremely comfortable. Kelly then gave me the rundown of what out therapy session would include.  We began our journey and things that I never thought possible were happening.  Kelly took me back to a past life and I was able to recall details that I could have never made up. Upon realizing I was in the desert, I began to sweat and could feel the sand on my skin. Upon our journey, I cried multiple times because of the intense emotions I was able to connect with. I brought back lessons and feelings that I have apparently been carrying with me through many life times!  I look forward to my next with Kelly and highly recommend this to anyone who is interested! Elena, February 2017

 I lost 21 lbs since January! I have been eating so good and haven’t had the urge to over eat like I use to. I have been able to have a cheat meal and pick here and there and then jump right back on to eating healthy. Before I visited you, I use to continue eating bad day after day and have to start all over. Thank you so much!  Your sleep mediation is absolutely amazing, I listen to it every single night except on the weekends.  Dave, February 2017

Hi Kelly 🙂 I just wanted to check in and let you know things have been going great with myself and my girlfriend! We are on the same page with a lot of things that we off prior to me coming to see you! I also wanted to really thank your for all your help in my sessions. I have a much better ability to relax as well as an understanding of why it is important for me to let go of certain things that were out of my control. Your help has truly improved my life! I will certainly be in touch and may have to pop back in to see u at some point if that’s ok? I hope all is well with you and just wanted to extend my most sincere gratitude 🙂 Talk to you soon! Love Mike, 2018

Hi Kelly!

I’m great! So happy of my achievements:). I’m a non smoker from 2/17/19 :))) I did not have a single cigarette after my session with you, I am not experiencing nicotine withdrawal or anything else like it. I’ll keep you posted. Love, Juliana

August 2019

Kelly was amazing. So warm welcoming, loving and quit stylish might i add…
My 2 hour session with her has enlightened me more with my divine self; Than my 34 years on this planet.
She is not other hypnotists who plant things in your subconsciousness just be repetition. She literally helps you discover things so suppressed with in.

Her work in monetarily immeasurable. I literally booked my next session when that one was over.
She is truly a gift from the universe.

Thank you, Tanisha


 November, 2019

I have been meaning to write you but I haven’t quite found the right words…. when I first met you 9 weeks ago and sat across you speaking to a complete stranger, uncertain what hypnotherapy was and if I really truly believed in it and if this could really work. Leaving that session I was at a loss for words, not able to explain it or confused by all of it but also felt a sense of relief after carrying this burden for half my life. The America Psychiatric Association first recognized trichotillomania  as a mental disorder in 1987 (32 years ago). They have ruled out medication as an effective treatment and have resulted to a treatment called “habit reversal” which I have tried myself hundreds of times throughout the 17 years and never worked. There is no cure or they just haven’t found one yet… 9 weeks ago I left your home and haven’t pulled a single hair out since. I drive and touch my hair, I watch tv and play with my hair but never pull it. Strange, I cant make sense of it, the urge just isn’t there any more. I just got married on October 27th and my hair looked absolutely beautiful and had so much confidence! I truly cannot thank you enough, I hope to help others and share my story that there is a cure and that hypnotherapy can help you!
Sincere Regards, KM


 March 2, 2020. Client who had only one session with me referred her husband. When I asked how she was doing since our session, she replied:    Really great! I don’t have that same sense of panic and responsibility that I had. And I’m able to objectively see that other people’s issues aren’t because I failed to do something right. Thank you so much. I’ve been telling lots of people I wouldn’t be surprised if this wasn’t my only referral ;). My client chose to remain completely anonymous and I am respecting that. 

 Thanks so much I had a great experience first time I do I past life regression and Kelly was so nice explained everything and really connected everything to understand my concerns. 12/9/20

Kelly is beyond wonderful and such a comforting wise person. She is caring and her practice is effective. It’s remarkable what she can do in just one session.

It was truly a great pleasure and a fantastic experience. I highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about taking it to the next level and solving personal issues.

Forever grateful.

Thank you – anonymous – February 2021

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