Soul Level Healing

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Your Soul is the consciousness of who you are and includes your conscious mind, subconscious mind, unconscious mind and higher mind. Your consciousness is what forms your personality and helps you understand your environment. Your consciousness absorbs all of your experiences and makes an interpretation of them. From that interpretation, you decide who you are, how you fit into the world, who others are around you, how loved and safe you are, how you can best survive in the world. Your consciousness is that part of you that helps to create your reality by keeping your reality in alignment with all the beliefs that are integrated into your consciousness. Some of these beliefs are in your conscious awareness and some of them became absorbed into your unconscious mind which keeps them out of your conscious awareness. Most of these beliefs are based in fear and not truth. Your higher mind is the part of you that is aware of the higher truth. It is the higher mind that can help you heal the trauma that caused these false beliefs about yourself, others and the world.

Soul Level Healing (SLH) is a method used to provide deep inner healing for the soul.

The SLH method opens up a field of consciousness that will help you understand through a higher level of awareness what has been absorbed in your consciousness mind. This will include your humanistic emotional physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs. The soul is also that part of you that becomes burdened with emotional pain, fear and self-judgment from experiences that made you feel uncomfortable, afraid or disconnected from love.

The SLH method helps you:
♥ Become aware of your unmet needs that are seeking your attention
♥ Resolve the conflicts that live within your unconscious mind that limit your freedom to happiness
♥ Locate and heal the root cause of your current challenges so you are no longer triggered by your environment
♥ Connect with your higher mind so you can observe, without judgment or fear, the parts of you that need to be healed and integrated back into your soul for wholeness and balance
♥ Awaken your spiritual gifts and guide you towards a more purposeful direction in life

The parts of you that are out of your conscious awareness are so desperate to heal that they create unconscious reactions within you that lead to addictions, anxiety, stress, depression, panic attacks, sleeplessness, unhealthy food choices and many other unhealthy life patterns.

When you experience the SLH method, you feel a presence of loving compassionate energy that comes from your higher mind essence so you can seek the deeper truth about who you really are and understand the challenges that block your desire for change.

During a SLH journey, you are guided into a theta state of consciousness where you are highly aware of your consciousness, but very peaceful and relaxed in your physical body. Your conscious mind is guided to release all judgments and fears as you become more and more relaxed. Your higher mind consciousness is then heightened so that you can observe the patterns in your life, how they were formed and what you can do now to release the patterns that are no longer serving your life. You will be guided into a level of consciousness that you haven’t been able to reach and explore. At this level, you are more aware of the root cause behind your challenges and you are able to work through these challenges with a higher level of intelligence.

During the SLH journey, we work together to heal inner conflicts, suppressed emotions, relationship issues, self-love and self-acceptance challenges, addictions and disconnects with life. When you release all barriers to the higher truth, you live a more meaningful and balanced life.


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About Kelly Tallaksen

Kelly TallaksenKelly is a Board-Certified Hypnotist under the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), an NGH Hypnosis Instructor, President of the Long Island Chapter of the NGH, a Published Author, and a Speaker on Human Consciousness and its Effects on the Soul. Kelly specializes in transpersonal hypnosis, which is working beyond the physical realm to help her clients heal soul traumas that cause a disconnect to self-love. Kelly holds a Doctorate Degree in Metaphysical Hypnosis and a PhD in Holistic Life Counseling from the University of Sedona and is also trained in Holistic Psychology, Parts Healing & Integration, Age Regression, HeartMath™, Ancestral Healing, and Spiritual Healing Journeys (Past Life and Lives Between Lives). Kelly is the author of the published books “The Voiceless Soul” and “Healing Our Unhealed Parts” and has published articles with,,,, and