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Inner Child Healing Meditation

Do you really have an inner child? Well, metaphorically you do, and that little you inside is waiting for you to honor, accept and love that little one’s energetic spirit without judgment and without condition. Children absorb so much emotional pain and have no outlet...

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You are the Artist; You are the Creator

There seems to be more and more emphasis on visualizing our own reality or creating images in our mind of the environment we want to create around us. Many guided meditations and hypnosis techniques require us to imagine. However, imagining something in your mind's...

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I Share the Light Meditation

Take 10 minutes and Share the Light Meditation We are all here to share our light to help raise the consciousness of the world. We are here to expand our light into the darkness that invades the space of those lost souls that are here with us. We are the light that...

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Peaceful Sleep Meditation

Do you sleep well at night? Do you wake up feeling refreshed? If not, try my Peace from the Heart guided meditation below. This meditation will take you into a peaceful place that is already within you. It's that beautiful space and place within your heart that is...

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Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone

Do you feel like there is something more for you that you are not fully embracing? Are you wondering what your purpose is here on Earth in this time and place where you are right now? Why is it that we fear our own unique gifts? Our creator gave us life, but not...

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