Bring your teen’s life back into balance for overall well being.

Five teens gathers looking upTeen years seem to be the most exciting times in one’s life, but yet these are the years that teenagers feel extreme pressure and have less experience on how to handle it. Teens deal with the pressures of growing up and becoming adults in different ways. Many kids today, by the time they have reached their teen years, have had piles of stressful and emotional situations stacking up inside their emotional body that when it comes time to face life as a young adult and deal with the added pressures of exams, peer pressure, divorce, death of a loved one, it all becomes so overwhelming.

To add to this stress, many teens today are feeling that their self-worth is based on what others think of them. Self- worth no longer comes from within but is only measured by social acceptance. So when a teen feels insecure or inferior to others they may act out, strive for popularity, overeat, smoke cigarettes, experiment with drugs, lose sleep, have difficulty with concentration and focusability.  Teens need to fit in, feel accepted and feel important.  When these needs are challenged, it becomes a very stressful situation. It is a teen rat race of social acceptance added to the pressures of just trying to grow up in a high pressured society, find a meaningful path in life, do well in school, eat healthy and release anger and frustration in a positive way.

Sadly, healthy attitudes and behaviors are not always what teenagers learn or experience while out in the world trying to find a place to fit in. There is enormous pressure to be popular and successful and when a teenager feels he or she cannot live up to these expectations,  negative thoughts and beliefs about oneself and one’s life experiences begin to set in. Reducing your teen’s stress and anxiety levels, building self-confidence in them and helping to turn unhealthy habits and behaviors into desirable ones is not an easy task. It takes time and patience and sincere compassion to understand and accept the feelings of our teens today. Helping teens find self-awareness and respect for oneself and giving them the tools to reach their goals can be achieved through the work of hypnosis.

Through the use of hypnosis, we, as a team, can help your teen find what they are truly looking for in life, to let go of past emotional issues and allow the beautiful talents and creative desires within them to rise above the anxiety and stresses of life, so they can become the young adult they wish to be.

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If you feel your teen may be suffering from emotional distress and has created an unwanted habit or symptom to cope with the distress, please call me to schedule a free confidential telephone consultation so you can make an informed decision as to whether hypnosis may be right for your teenager. Together we can work to rebuild your teen’s self-esteem, confidence and focus ability and bring your teen’s life back into balance and harmony for mental, emotional and physical well being.

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