Hypnosis for Children

Children always seem to be happy and appreciate life, but yet some children have trouble sleeping, or they have a habit of bed wetting, or have focus ability problems, or maybe even irritable bowel syndrome from nervous tension.

Children begin to hold negative thoughts in their little minds from the time they can speak or even before. Where do these thoughts come from? It may be from something as trivial as hearing an argument between mom and dad or something more traumatic like seeing or experiencing abuse. Negative thoughts that enter into these little minds may make a child nervous, feel unworthy, unloved, betrayed.

Having negative thoughts makes it hard to push aside any current or future unpleasant experiences, even if they seem not so traumatic to us, they are big in size and creation to a child. When the emotional body has to tackle all of these emotions, the physical body can become weakened, unable to handle the little daily annoyances a child may experience, from homework overload, strict parenting or fighting with siblings.

Sometimes a child may be experiencing more traumatic occurrences in their lives like peer pressure, bullying, separation or divorce, illness of oneself, a parent, sibling or a pet. When a child’s emotions become overwhelmed, it may manifest itself through physical symptoms like allergies, frequent colds, overeating, under eating, digestive problems and other ailments caused by emotional distress.

Children do experience stress even though they usually do not exhibit it outwardly. Unfortunately, they hold it in and do not have the tools to release it, causing the pressures to build up and create physical distress on the body, usually treated with medical attention. Sometimes what the child really needs is a chance to release pent up anger and frustration or assistance in rebuilding self-esteem and confidence.

When children are allowed to experience harmony and balance in their lives, they become more focused in school, anxiety is reduced in anxiety provoked situations, emotionally induced illnesses subside and the child feels a sense of self-worth returned to them.

If you feel your child may be suffering from emotional distress and has created an unwanted habit or sympton to cope with the distress, please call me to schedule a free confidential telephone consultation so you can make an informed decision as to whether hypnosis may be right for your child. Together we can work with your child to help release some of the emotional distress causing negative thoughts and behaviors. Together we can work to rebuild your child’s self-esteem, confidence and focus ability and bring your child’s life back into balance and harmony for mental, emotional and physical well being.

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