Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
About Past Life Exploration and Lives Between Lives

What is Past Life Regression Therapy?

Past life regression therapy is far from new, however the healing benefits received are becoming more recognized in the field of alternative healing.

Past life regression is based on the theory that the soul is made up of conscious energy that does not die when the physical body expires. Upon death, the soul releases itself from the physical body and rises into a higher dimension sometimes referred to as the afterlife or the spirit world. After a time in the afterlife, the soul chooses another physical body to reincarnate into.

What is the Purpose of Reincarnation?

The purpose of reincarnation is so the soul can experience a material world with the understanding that they would eventually return to their place of origin. With each experience, the soul will learn more about unconditional love, forgiveness, gratitude, acceptance and other spiritual solutions to emotional pain and physical pain. When a soul does not learn these spiritual lessons, the soul returns to the physical world where situations will take place that give the soul another opportunity to learn the lessons. Once a spiritual insight is learned, the soul continues its journey of evolution through more lives on Earth until the soul has learned all the lessons it needed to learn so it can become a fully conscious and enlightened soul.

When experiencing a past life journey, the explorer may notice certain people showing up in a past life memory that are very similar to significant people in their current life. This happens because souls travel in soul groups, many of which souls are soul mates. Soul mates will make agreements with each other during time in the afterlife to experience certain situations together on Earth in order to help each other learn their spiritual lessons, and therefore, help each other evolve. Some of these agreed upon situations will be very unpleasant to the human experience because the souls agreed that a difficult traumatic experience was necessary in order for souls to be challenged to the point of spiritual awakening. Once souls incarnate into a physical body, agreements are forgotten and the human experience becomes a struggle on some level. The struggle is not meant to punish the soul in the human experience, but to help the soul learn and evolve through these struggles.

How Can a Past Life Experience Help You?

Many times a past life regression experience is sought for curiosity purposes only. However, there is deep spiritual meaning in each experience as well as opportunities to become aware of one’s soul consciousness; the pain and struggles the soul has experienced which remain unresolved, and therefore have been carried over into the current life. A past life regression session gives the explorer insight and understanding of the patterns that are being repeated lifetime after lifetime.  A skilled past life facilitator will help the explorer resolve the emotional challenges behind these patterns so the patterns can be dissolved.  The purpose of repeating the pattern is to finish what was started; to bring matters to a close. When matters remain unresolved, soul consciousness creates similar situations to bring opportunities to fully resolve and bring closure to the original issue. 

Past Life traumas with deep emotional impact may require several sessions in order to fully heal from the experiences. If the trauma is not completely healed, the residual pain will continue to disrupt the soul’s evolution.

Are Present Lifetime Physical Illnesses Cause by Past Life Trauma?

There are several documented studies showing evidence of the mind body connection. Past life regression techniques have been used to identify and sometimes heal physical illnesses by locating the root cause in another lifetime. Based on the theory that the physical body is a reflection of what is happening in the unconscious mind, exploring beyond the conscious mind could be a considerable avenue for discovering what needs to be healed on an emotional level so the physical body may begin to heal. 

Although experiencing a past life may cause a positive effect on physical illness, it is always necessary to seek or continue current medical care as an essential part of your healing program. 

Is a Past Life Regression Session Safe?

With a skilled past life regression facilitator, a past life regression is a healing and enlightening experience. Our minds have a built in protection mechanism which allows the process to be a safe and gentle experience for explorer. Anything that the mind believes it cannot handle it will not bring forth. If your experience feels like a difficult traumatic exploration of the past, it’s because you are ready to acknowledge it and bring it to resolution. Sometimes healing needs to take place in stages and increments because this is how the mind feels most comfortable in the healing process. A deep traumatic experience cannot be healed and released easily and quickly if the mind is not ready to acknowledge and release it all at once. Patience is important when working through past life experiences that are affecting your current life. There may be layers and layers to work through and many emotions to be processed. 

However, with each experience, valuable insight about oneself is discovered and can only enhance the intelligence of the mind and deepen one’s spiritual wisdom. It’s important for you to commit to your own healing process and be patient with the unfolding of past life events and circumstances that affect your current life. There may be many lifetimes to explore in order to completely heal and release the emotional traumas behind  by these events and circumstances.

What If You Don’t Have an Experience?

When you can let go of any expectations and just allow yourself to drift fully into the experience, you will be amazed at how easily the journey unfolds for you. If you could let go of the control and just let spirit guide you, you will be directed to where you need to be and you will experience what you did to experience.

You have inner resources to help you heal current and past life trauma. Past life regression is one of the best ways to bring you to those resources. 

What Can You Expect from a Past Life Regression Session?

Past life regression therapy is one of the most powerful modalities in alternative healing. What’s really important to understand is that you do not need to believe in reincarnation to have a profound healing experience. When someone explores a past life through regression techniques, a story will usually unfold that is similar to what the explorer is emotionally, and sometimes physically, challenged with in their current life. This may cause the explorer to believe the story was fabricated. However, whether the story was fabricated as a fantasy or a metaphor to explain one’s current consciousness or whether it comes from a true past life experience, a qualified practitioner will be able to assist the explorer in resolving whatever traumas arise from the experience, thereby allowing healing to take place.

Another interesting point is that scientific studies have shown evidence that we carry the memories of our ancestors. If we are carrying memories in our unconscious mind from trauma that was experienced by our ancestors, possibly we are recalling memories of ancestors through our own unconscious mind. Through past life regression work, you would be acting out the ancestor’s experience as if it were your own experience because the unconscious mind believes you are having this experience. Again, no matter where the trauma originated, healing can take place when you work with a qualified facilitator.

No matter where the memories or stories came from, the past life explorer always has an experience that feels very close to their heart. The emotions feel very real, very personal and resonate with the feelings of their current life challenges. A past life regression can cause some very deep wounds to surface and without a qualified past life regression facilitator it may be difficult to locate and heal the root cause of someone’s pain.

Past life regression healing has been utilized in helping people heal physical and emotional pain, connect with their inner wisdom and understand their soul’s journey. A past life regression experience can help you make clearer, more insightful choices during your incarnation on Earth and also help you evolve as a soul.

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