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Single Session Hypnosis:

past life regression photoPlease review our website for the healing benefits of hypnosis.  Please note that sessions that follow your initial session will bring deeper healing.




Transformational Hypnosis With 5-PATH

5-path-logo-SM5-PATH®   is a five (P)hase (A)dvanced (T)ransformational (H)ypnosis process.  To complete the 5-PATH process, the client is guided through the 5-PATH process which takes from four sessions up to about eight sessions.   The 5-PATH process is a systematic approach which helps you identify and clear limited beliefs, barriers to success and underlying fears.  Click  5PATH® for more information on the 5- PATH process.  During the 5- PATH process, Ultra Heights Hypnosis, a self-healing technique, may also be used or recommended to move the client into a profound self-healing process.   For more information on Ultra Height Hypnosis, see Ultra Heights Spiritual Healing.


The Simpson Protocol:

 simpson protocol

The Simpson Protocol is a process wherein the client is taken into a deep level of consciousness known as the Esdaille state, named after Dr. Esdaille who took his patients into an anesthetic state of hypnosis to perform surgery.  From the Esdaille state of consciousness, the client is able to go beyond this state and into the super conscious mind, where deep healing takes place with the assistance of a Simpson Protocol practitioner. For more information on how the Simpson Protocol works, click: The Simpson Protocol  


One Session Stop Smoking Plan

It’s Time to Get Your Healthy On:

feb 2015 Hearts in Harmony Healing 003The healing benefits you receive when you stop smoking are numerous.  This one session stop smoking plan includes consultation, hypnosis session, a stop smoking hypnosis personalized audio recording for reinforcement, a CD you can listen to in your car orduring breaks at work, several additional reinforcement tools (all designed to increase your desire to stop smoking). 

For support in your stop smoking efforts please visit QUITZA


Reiki Energy Healing:

Reiki is a hands on energy healing technique that works with the client’s energies to help release blocked energy.  During a Reiki session, a client may feel tingly, warm, cold, or just simply very relaxed, all signs of releasing stagnated energy in the body.  Many times old emotional wounds are brought to the surface and released by the client during the session, causing the client to feel lighter

and more balanced.

For additional information on the healing benefits of Reiki, see Reiki or Visit our sister site Hearts In Harmony Wellness for the different ways which Reiki is used in healing, including working with pregnant women to give their newborns a peaceful feeling in the womb and a calmer transition into the world, Reiki for animals, crystals in Reiki healing and the different Reiki techniques.

Advanced IET (Integrated Energy Therapy):

IET is a powerful hands on energy therapy system that works with your body’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers, through the release of trauma at the acupressure points in your physical body.   A full session of IET leaves a client feeling lighter, clearer and


Past Life Exploration:

For those who feel they may have been here before or just wish to explore the possibilities, come and experience a past life exploration yourself or host a group past life party. For more information on Past Life Exploration, see Past Life or for information on hosting a party, see Host a Party, where you earn cash while having fun.

A Past Life Regression experience is a healing modality. Not only can you heal emotional pain, some of which may have led to physical challenges, but you can also heal unhealthy patterns, habits and limiting beliefs.  You will also become more clearer and positive in your current thinking because you will have a deeper understanding of the root causes of your current challenges and will gain the wisdom and insight necessary to overcome these challenges.

Lives Between Lives Spiritual Exploration:

spirit world heaven dreamstime_m_18629525

Do you ever wonder where our soul goes in between lifetimes? Lives Between Lives Spiritual Exploration takes you into the spirit world where you will meet your loved ones, others in your soul group, your spirit guides, the masters and the elders. You will explore the akashic records and learn all about your soul’s journey through many lifetimes, the lessons you have learned and what you continue to struggle with in your current lifetime.  A lives between lives spiritual journey is deep understanding and heal for the soul. The session takes about 3.0 hours and is a very enlightening journey about one’s soul experience, purpose and passion. 


Audio Recording Custom made for you

Your personalized audio recording includes a 30 minute telephone consultation.  Your professional audio recording is prepared specifically to your needs based on our telephone consultation. The audio recording is delivered to you via dropbox to your email or cell phone (or both if preferred).  Each audio recording is thoughtfully planned out to ensure the best post hypnotic suggestions for your needs and prepared in a high quality professional manner.  For more information, please feel free to contact me.


Payment for Services

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A $50.00 deposit is required to hold your initial session for you.  This amount will be credited to you at your first session.   If you provide at least 72 hours prior notice of cancellation and do not wish to reschedule, I will refund your deposit, less any fees incurred by me for the transfer of funds. You may cancel and reschedule the session up to 48 hours prior to your scheduled visit and I will apply your deposit to the rescheduled visit.