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5-PATH® is a registered trademark of the Banyon Hypnosis Center. This amazing technique was formulated by Mr. Cal Banyon and is practiced only by 5-PATH practitioners certified by the Banyon Hypnosis Center through extensive 5-PATH® training courses.

5-PATH® is a systematic approach to removing negative beliefs and behaviors that were initially formed or created in the client’s mind sometime during their younger years. The negative beliefs are usually created by the child upon receiving some kind of suggestion or comment from a parent, a teacher or other authoritative figure that made the child feel inferior, not good enough, unloved, unworthy or inadequate in some way. Once the initial belief or beliefs settle into the child’s mind, the child’s subconscious automatically and continually scans for other events in their lifetime to confirm these beliefs, ultimately causing the older child or adult self to have feelings of anger, sadness or fear.

Working with a certified hypnotist trained in the 5-PATH® process, the client will be able to work through the initial event that caused the negative beliefs and all the subsequent events that compound and reconfirm these beliefs. The client then becomes free of misconceptions about themselves so they no longer need to find unfavorable distractions to avoid facing their fears.

All human beings are essentially lovable, worthy and respectable and there is nothing inherently wrong with them. Unfortunately, these negative events that occur during our lifetime become patterns and habits over time and cause disruptive behaviors and strong feelings of unworthiness within us. The 5-PATH® process can help restore a person’s feelings of worthiness and love, allowing them to break free from negative beliefs and patterns.

Although 5-PATH® is a five phase hypnosis technique, it does necessarily mean five sessions with the hypnotist. Sometimes, depending on the client’s needs and how the client responds to each phase of the process, the complete process can take somewhere between four sessions to about eight sessions. 5-PATH® is a systematic hypnosis process that has helped create very powerful positive changes in people’s lives.  Possibly 5-PATH®may be right for you.

TRAINING:  I am trained through and certified by Banyon Hypnosis Center with current Certificate of Good Standing issued by Banyon Hypnosis Center.