The Simpson Protocol

simpson protocolThere is a state of hypnosis called the Esdaile State.  In the 1800’s, before they had anesthesia, a doctor named James Esdaile performed serious operations and amputations with no pain to the patient and a better healing record than other surgeons at that time.

With common standard hypnosis, a client is taken into a light trance and then gradually into a deeper trance known as Sonambulism. Sonambulism is a deep state of hypnosis.

The Esdaile State is a deeper state of hypnosis than somnambulism and is used in holistic medical and dental procedures in place of anesthesia. When a client is taken into Esdaile State, there is usually no communication between client and facilitator since the client is so deep in hypnosis.  However, the client can be directed to enter into other states by the facilitator.  Since the client is in a very deep state of hypnosis, the facilitator will direct the superconscious mind to go into other levels of trance, including levels where the client is in a state of what is called High, where the superconscious mind can direct the body to commence healing, by releasing any thoughts, energy, feelings in all levels of the body (mental, emotional, spiritual and physical (cellular) that would prevent a healing from occurring.

The superconscious mind will be directed to go into the morphic (cosmic, quantum) field of energy. The field of energy that surrounds us. The superconscious mind goes into this field and checks the field for the appropriate level where healing can take place.  Thereafter, the client’s superconscious mind will be taken into each level of the body (mental, emotional, spiritual and physical) to direct the healing.

The client will also be given trigger words for the client to use anytime to take themselves into deep states of hypnosis while focusing on a pacific healing of the body (any level of the body, mental, emotional, spiritual, physical).   This allows for the subconscious mind to do the inner work that is necessary to direct healing to take place.

Ines Simpson started to experiment with working in this deep level of hypnosis and discovered an effective way of communicating with clients. For the first time, the hypnotist can converse with the client’s deepest mind to discover what the true issues are and to direct them to do what is needed to achieve the best results possible.

Today we can now communicate directly with your Superconscious mind and direct it to release the issues that are holding you back, keeping you down, and not in your best interest or benefit.

Another advantage of working in the Esdaile State using the Simpson Protocol is that through the proper questioning, direction and communication with the Superconscious mind, you do not have to verbalize the issue, if you prefer. It is a wonderful tool for people who are sensitive to privacy regarding the issue they are working on and are uncomfortable with verbalizing the problems that they want to deal with.

With the Simpson Protocol, you will be able to have unprecedented access to the Superconscious mind in order to help with physical healing, emotional healing, spiritual healing and soul retrieval.

TRAINING: Trained by Ines Simpson, the creator of the Simpson Protocol with hands on training experience.