Certification Course

Accessing Divine Wisdom to Heal the Shadow Self


DATES: May 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12, 2023

TIME: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

LOCATION: Levittown, NY  

About the Instructor: Kelly is Board-Certified Hypnotist under the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), Certified Instructor for the NGH and the President of the NGH Long Island Chapter. Kelly holds a Doctorate Degree in Metaphysical Sciences and is certified in Holistic Psychology, Age Regression, Parts Therapy, HeartMath, Past Life Regression, Lives Between Lives Soul Journeys and Higher Mind Healing. Kelly is also the creator of the deep healing technique “Soul Level Healing”, working with suppressed memories, unexplainable fears, panic/anxiety attacks and unhealed childhood trauma. Kelly has two published books “The Voiceless Soul” and “Healing Our Unhealed Parts”, available on Amazon, and 13 published articles on the internet about the human experience and its affects on the soul. 

This course focuses on transpersonal healing (mind/soul, physical vessel and spirit/higher consciousness) providing a holistic approach to emotional traumas.



The SLH course includes three techniques that can be used individually or together for deep inner healing work as follows:

REGRESSION TO CAUSE – Regression to cause is a therapeutic technique that helps a client connect their current issue to the root cause of the issue. When the root cause of the presenting issue is discovered, the practitioner helps the client resolve the issue at the source of it, so it is no longer an active problem in the client’s subconscious mind.

During a regression session, the client does not need to re-experience trauma from a fear state. This course teaches you how to take the client through healing unresolved trauma from a higher level of consciousness so the client feels supported by their own spirit. One of the most important steps in regression work is reconnecting the adult self with the wounded inner child self. When trauma occurs, the cognitive mind shuts down, the person goes into survival crisis, the emotions become frozen and then they remain trapped in the body. Regression work helps the client recognize these suppressed wounds so they can be healed with the practitioner’s expertise and guidance.

Regression to cause allows the client to use their own intuitive abilities to understand the root cause of their problem. Since the client is going back in time to a past event, chances are the client didn’t have the cognitive ability or insight the client has now to solve the problem when it first occurred. During the regression process, the client is bringing in their adult wise mind and inner resources to help the younger self through the past issue that is causing the adult life problems.

What you will learn:

  1. How age regression can be used in a safe and effective manner
  2. The three different methods to bridge from current moment to root cause of issue
  3. How to communicate with the younger part of client
  4. How to help the younger self return back to safety
  5. How to connect current wise self to emotionally immature younger self
  6. How to work with age regression in the Soul Level Healing method


PARTS HEALING & INTEGRATION – Parts Healing and Integration Work (PHIW) is a process in which a practitioner helps a client find hidden parts of themselves that need to be heard and healed because these hidden parts usually cause conflict with other parts of the Self. These parts are like subpersonalities that the client formed over their developmental years.

People develop parts when they don’t know what to do with their emotions. If the emotions are too much to handle, the part that feels the emotions is separated from the consciousness of the Self.

People also develop parts when they are in trauma, allowing the part that has been traumatized to hide from the whole self and the world.

When parts split off from the Self, usually there is a protector part that works to keep these parts safe from the others and the world. Also, these are usually parts that have been rejected by self. Protector parts keeps the wounded parts out of the Self’s awareness. The rejected parts of the Self are shadow parts, hidden deep within the soul.

In this course, we will discuss how parts of the Self become fragmented, what keeps them from our awareness, protector parts and how to work through them to allow access to the wounded parts for healing to take place.

As a SLH practitioner, you will help the client access this shadow parts so these parts can be brought into the light by the client’s spirit body for deep healing. You will learn how to help them see the distorted consciousness within their souls which is playing out as a distorted reality. We will discuss why all parts of the Self wants what’s best for the Self although many of these parts are creating limitations and setting boundaries for the soul.


What you will learn:

  1. Understanding how we develop parts within our consciousness
  2. How to help your client bring forth a part that has split off from awareness
  3. How to communicate with each fragmented part of consciousness
  4. How to help fragmented parts heal from trauma
  5. How to work with protector parts that block healing
  6. How to work with parts in the Soul Level Healing method


SOUL TO SOUL COMMUNICATION This is the part of the course that brings the spiritual aspect of the whole Self into the healing process. When the ego-self is over protective of the Self, it causes stagnation in the healing process. Soul-to-soul communication is used to allow communication between two souls where there is unresolved emotional energy causing a disturbance in the client’s soul. It is also used for communication with the different parts of the Self to resolve inner conflicts, which is the shadow self.

There are many levels of human consciousness. This course teaches you how to bring the highest level of consciousness (spiritual body that holds love and compassion) to the lower level of consciousness (fear and survival) to heal the past and help clients rise above survival consciousness mostly due to feelings of not being enough. It’s powerful healing on the deepest level.


What you will learn:

  1. How to work with the shadow self
  2. How to direct client to the spirit world for soul-to-soul communication
  3. How to help client communicate with loved ones that have crossed over
  4. How to help almost any presenting issue through a reconnection to the higher self
  5. How to connect the pain body to the emotional body for deep healing
  6. How to use age-regression, parts healing and soul level healing for a powerful healing in one session with a client.



The information, instructions and techniques you will learn in this course will give you all the tools you need to guide your client into an extraordinary connection with their soul essence, where they will, with your guidance, be able to heal suppressed wounds that are causing their current challenges. When you learn how to move your client through the levels of consciousness from higher self into the superconscious mind and further into the field of intelligence (collective field of consciousness), amazing things happen.  Reaching the Unconscious Mind Through a Soul Journey Brings the Ultimate State of Awareness, Understanding and Internal Healing. 

This course takes inner healing to a whole new level. When the pain goes deep, the attention to the pain must go deep. This course will teach you how to take your clients into the unconscious realm of their world so self-destructive patterns and ego-minded perceptions can be viewed from a higher source of consciousness.  A higher source of understanding holds the power for the deepest healing through divine wisdom. The Spirit Body, the True Essence of Self, Becomes Compassionately Entwined with the Unconscious Mind Where Deep Understanding of One’s Self Emerges and With Proper Guidance and Deep Healing Takes Place.  


This Course is a perfect combination of age regression, parts therapy, soul fragmentation, and spiritual healing wrapped up in a beautiful technique that brings deep inner healing to the inner child and the soul body by using the wisdom and intelligence from spirit.


Part One

The Trance State and Understanding the Shadow and Inner Child Trauma:

Learn how to guide your client into the higher self and beyond by guiding them into a deep trance state which leads to the superconscious and ultimately the Field of Intelligence. Some clients may experience leaving their bodies, some may feel like they are experiencing two realms at once and some may just connect deeply with their intuition. This technique is used for several types of healing grief, finding divine purpose, accessing the akashic records, heal broken relationships, facilitating soul-to-soul communication with loved ones that have crossed or those still on the earth plane. You will receive several inductions (trance scripts) to work with the soul energy.

 Part Two:

Regression to Cause:

This technique is used while the client is in the deep trance. You will learn how to bridge the client from the current moment back to the cause of the presenting challenge, using the client’s language (linguistic bridge), feelings (affect bridge) or sensations in the body (somatic bridge).

Part Three:

Parts Healing and Integration:

This technique is used to help heal the inner conflicts while the client is in the deep trance state. You will help the client communicate effectively with the parts of themselves that feel disconnected, out of alignment, not accepted. Many of these parts are known as shadow parts and completely out of client’s awareness until they are directed to these parts of the Self by the practitioner.  You will learn how to work with the ego state (protector) to dissolve resistance.

Part Four:

Soul Level Healing:

This is where we will explore the ways to use these deep healing techniques in one session.

How Does this Course Help Your Clients?

  • Help your client connect with Divine Wisdom for Answers
  • Regress your clients back to the cause without using age regression
  • Help your clients call back fragments of their Soul so they can feel whole again
  • Work with your client’s protective parts so your client can heal without interference
  • Help your clients communicate telepathically with their departed loved ones
  • Create a safe place for your clients to telepathically communicate with the ones that hurt them so they can safely and freely express their feelings
  • Learn the proper words to use when a client becomes blocked from a memory
  • Help the client understand their spiritual path and evolution
  • Help the client communicate with other parts of themselves that need love, understanding and acceptance
  • Help your clients forgive more deeply and authentically through soul-to- soul communication
  • Learn how a spiritual journey can help your client break habits that cause destruction to the physical body (the Vessel for their current journey on Earth)


Students Receive a Certification of Completion in


Issued by Hearts in Harmony Hypnosis

Investment:  $2500.00 including materials (emailed) and trance state practice on students.  Students will receive e-book versions of my two published books – “The Voiceless Soul” and “Healing Our Unhealed Parts”. These books will aid in understanding our different parts, shadow work and inner child trauma. 


Space is Limited. For more information or to register, please contact Kelly at

Kelly@HeartWisdom.Info or text/call 516-457-5244

$200.00 Deposit Required to Hold Your Seat and Receive Materials via Email. Balance Due May 8, 2023.

 My training in holistic psychology, transpersonal healing, past life, the realm in between lifetimes, soul fragmentation, parts therapy, age regression and Heart-Math, collectively make this course one of the best for helping others heal on all levels.




 What other students have said about this course:


  • Kelly teaches the Soul Level Healing course with such passion and compassion it is inspiring. She has provided a multitude of sources and background of information for practitioners and also provides hands on materials and various other teaching tools throughout the course. Kelly is not only engaging and interesting but presents the information in a clear cut, straight forward manner. Any hypnotist or para professional would benefit from her profound Soul Level Healing course. This method has changed my treatment approach and I look forward to taking another course taught by her in the future. Michele G, CH, OT


  • This class was life changing for me, to have the knowledge of healing anyone on a much deeper and permanent level with compassion.  This is not just any class Kelly is the Soul Star here, she has inspired all of us to go forward and practice this wonderful Art. Kelly’s teaching is with her Heart and Soul. She has unlimited compassion for everyone and it comes through… She has a wonderful gift to share, Rev. Gail Werner, CH, RM


  • Excellent class! Very intense but Kelly explains everything thoroughly and gives her students lots of encouragement. I email Kelly all the time for advice and she answers my emails immediately. Great learning experience. I will be using this technique with most my clients. Veronica, CH


  • Great class from a great teacher as usual, Anthony M., CH


Your Clients Will Benefit Greatly from these Higher Healing Techniques


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“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate” – Carl Jung