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Soul Level Healing Course




 Certification Course




Healing Your Client’s Core Wounds Effectively For Therapists, Hypnotists, Past Life Regressionists, Spiritual Life Coaches or Anyone Trained in Trance Work and Inner  Healing




DATES:  Every Tuesday and Thursday evening from April 13 to and including May 18, 2021, on zoom from 6:30-9:30 pm, and Saturday and Sunday, May 22 and 23, 10:00 am-4:00 pm on zoom to watch demonstrations or in person to participate (Levittown, NY)



TIME: Weekdays 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm –


Weekends 10:00 am – 4:00 pm


 LOCATION: on Zoom 








About the Instructor:  Kelly Tallaksen is a Board-Certified Hypnotist, Hypnosis Instructor, Author of the Book “Healing Our Unhealed Parts”, and Author of published Book “The Voiceless Soul”.  Kelly has been trained in Holistic Psychology, HeartMath, ,Age Regression, Parts Therapy, The Simpson Protocol (Higher Mind Healing), Past Life Regression and Lives Between Lives. Kelly is a Blogger for NaturalNews.com, PreventDisease.com, PsychCentral.com and Heart in Harmony Hypnosis. See Kelly’s five-star reviews on google and yelp under Hearts in Harmony Hypnosis.








This course will teach you how to use age regression, parts therapy and spiritual healing (based on shamanistic practices of healing the fragmented soul) combined into a deep healing technique called “Soul Level Healing”.



The information, instructions and techniques you will learn in this course will give you all the tools you need to guide your client into the shadow parts of themselves, in a loving and compassionate manner through the wisdom of heart consciousness, to reveal those parts of them that have been disowned but which are the root cause of their unhealthy relationships, addictive behaviors, reactive personality, feelings of unworthiness, fears of abandonment, distrust, guilt or shame. Upon healing these shadow parts, the client is guided to reconnect with their own extraordinary soul essence, where they will have access to a deeper truth about their significance and value in the vast energy of all of creation. When you learn how to move your client through the levels of consciousness from higher self into the superconscious mind and further into the unified field (collective field of consciousness), amazing things happen.  Reaching the Unconscious Mind Through a Soul Journey Brings the Ultimate State of Awareness and Understanding.




This course takes inner healing to a whole new level. When the pain goes deep, the attention to the pain must go deep. This course will teach you how to take your clients into the unconscious version of their world so self-destructive patterns and ego-minded perceptions can be viewed from a higher source of consciousness.  A higher source of understanding holds the power for the deepest healing through divine wisdom. The Spirit Body, the True Essence of Self, Becomes Compassionately Entwined with the Unconscious Mind Where Deep Understanding of One’s Self Emerges and With Proper Guidance and Deep Healing Takes Place.






  • Help your client connect with Divine Wisdom for Answers
  • Regress your clients back to the cause without using age regression
  • Help your clients call back fragments of their Soul so they can feel whole again
  • Work with your client’s protective parts so your client can heal without interference
  • Help your clients communicate telepathically with their departed loved ones
  • Create a safe place for your clients to telepathically communicate with the ones that hurt them so they can safely and freely express their feelings
  • Learn the proper words to use when a client becomes blocked from a memory
  • Help the client understand their spiritual path and evolution
  • Help the client communicate with other parts of themselves that need love, understanding and acceptance
  • Help your clients forgive more deeply and authentically through soul to soul communication
  • Learn how a spiritual journey can help your client break habits that cause destruction to the physical body (the Vessel for their current journey on Earth)
  • How to help your client release their attachment to survival consciousness; bringing them back to safety




You can now take advantage of the Introductory Price for this Deep Healing Course


Investment:  $1500.00 includes information packed materials booklet (digital) with scripts that take your clients on a journey of deep inner healing with your guidance sent to your inbox.




Students Receive a Certification of Completion in SOUL LEVEL HEALING




Issued by Hearts in Harmony Hypnosis




 What other students have said about this course:


  • Kelly teaches the Soul Level Healing course with such passion and compassion it is inspiring. She has provided a multitude of sources and background of information for practitioners and also provides hands on materials and various other teaching tools throughout the course. Kelly is not only engaging and interesting but presents the information in a clear cut, straight forward manner. Any hypnotist or para professional would benefit from her profound Soul Level Healing course. This method has changed my treatment approach and I look forward to taking another course taught by her in the future. Michele G, CH, OT


  • This class was life changing for me, to have the knowledge of healing anyone on a much deeper and permanent level with compassion.  This is not just any class Kelly is the Soul Star here, she has inspired all of us to go forward and practice this wonderful Art. Kelly’s teaching is with her Heart and Soul. She has unlimited compassion for everyone and it comes through… She has a wonderful gift to share, Rev. Gail Werner, CH, RM


  • Excellent class! Very intense but Kelly explains everything thoroughly and gives her students lots of encouragement. I email Kelly all the time for advice and she answers my emails immediately. Great learning experience. I will be using this technique with most my clients. Veronica, CH




  • Great class from a great teacher as usual, Anthony M., CH




Your Clients Will Benefit Greatly from these Higher Healing Techniques




Because Your Client is the Only One with the Answers to Their Challenges




Help Your Clients Reach Their Highest Healing Power Through Higher Consciousness so




Their Deepest Wounds can be Understood and Healed by Utilizing




Their Own Inner Resources with Your Professional Guidance








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“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate” – Carl Jung