inner-child-graphicDo you really have an inner child? Well, metaphorically you do, and that little you inside is waiting for you to honor, accept and love that little one’s energetic spirit without judgment and without condition. Children absorb so much emotional pain and have no outlet except anger and frustration. But when a child expresses these emotions, the child is told to shut it off. When they shut it off, the spirit shuts down. Your inner child is your spirit. When you shut down that inner child, you shut down your spirit. Your spirit is your desire for life, your need to explore, learn, grow, awaken and thrive. Your inner child hides within you; waiting for you to recognize the wounds that are holding your spirit hostage. Those wounds are old wounds that remain active inside you. You no longer have to hold those wounds deep inside. It’s time to let those wounds surface from within so they can be healed by you now. Let your loving heart energy expand into that little you inside so those old wounds can be released into the sky, transmuted into a stream of light that will shine upon your spirit as you release your spirit into the world. Let this inner child healing meditation guide you into that connection with your spirit within; that little you inside that patiently awaits your affection, attention, acceptance and love. Let your spirit come alive again and move with the energy of your heart. You are the only one that can bring love back to that wounded you inside.

Share your love now with the most important person in your life, your younger self.


From my Heart to Yours, Kelly