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I really love those power seminars; Those powerful words spoken by assertive, outgoing and passionate leaders in the field of positive thinking.  These thought provoking speakers want to provide you with information about finding your inner truth, gaining that freedom to recreate yourself, getting past those fears of uncertainty, failure and not feeling good enough. They tell you to just step into your truth.

After such a powerful seminar, you feel absolutely psyched! You feel powerful! You feel deep inside that you can do anything you want! Just step into your truth!  Go out and follow your dreams, aspirations and goals and you will be amazed at your achievements. You suddenly feel this strong buzz like you just swallowed a gallon of espresso coffee.  You are on the move!

And then ut oh!!!! Not too much longer down the road, the drive you had starts to fizzle and you no longer feel so connected to your inner power and your truth. Where did it go? And you wonder who stole my TRUTH? You just wake up one morning and that same old feeling sets in again. You have no ambition, no drive and no desire to fulfill your aspirations. The buzz wore off and you once again need another seminar to give you that power push.

If you are running to power seminars, reading all kinds of positive affirmations, sucking down every self-help book you can find, joining all sorts of retreats, online courses and continually searching for that one tool that is going to really get you out of stuck mode and you are still stuck, then it’s time to find out what’s holding you back.

One of the best ways to find out what’s pulling you off track is to go deeper into your feelings. Get deeper into those feelings of fear by relaxing the analytic and egotistic part of your mind and just get deeper into what you are actually experiencing on a deeper level.  What you are actually experiencing inside of you might be conflicting with what you are yearning for outside of you.

You can easily do some self hypnosis techniques to relax those interfering parts of your mind so you can get some insight as to what’s keeping you stuck. Take some natural but deep belly breaths. With each deep breath, after the exhale, say the words “deeper relaxed”.  Do this about ten times. Then ask yourself “what is holding me back from taking the next step towards my goal”?  Most people will hear the word “fear”.  Then you will ask “what is it that is holding me back the most?”  And if you are like most people, you will hear “failure”.  From there, you want to ask “what would it say about me if I don’t succeed with my goals”?

What you believe about yourself is what you are afraid of exposing. And that is NOT your truth!  Your truth is who you really are, what you came into this world to do for the benefit of the whole, and what you are truly inspired to do. But when you have a critical voice that is protecting you from showing up in the way you deeply feel about yourself, then that critical voice will stop you in your tracks very quickly.

To really find your truth, you will need to get past all those ugly things you tell yourself subconsciously. You can only hold onto a power push for so long and then the ball starts to deflate because there is a bigger force stepping all over it; this force is that part of you that keeps giving you false information about who you are.

So if you are not moving forward after all those power pushes you signed up for, then start looking deeper inside of you and find where you are stuck on the inside and work from there.

Deep seekers will find the truth!