Showing-Angry-SideAre you on the spiritual path, trying all sorts of techniques to put you back in balance?

Are you doing guided meditations, attending workshops and maybe even falling prey to all those on-line quick fix programs to help you reconnect with life?

I know that path because I was on it for a very long time. I learned many different things and I did find myself feeling good after each new self-help regimen I incorporated. That’s a wonderful path to be on. However, it is very difficult to keep those good feelings going when there is old programming that keeps taking over, continuously working against our mission to move forward. Deep inside of you are beliefs about who you are. Your belief system is difficult to change because your belief system is protected by a very strong, stubborn and strategic subconscious mind. Your belief system likes to stay in familiar places where it feels safe. I spent years trying to find a place where I could honestly say “Yes, finally! I am at peace”! Something always found my ugly side and I couldn’t understand why it was so hard to keep hidden.

Well, I learned after many years that you cannot hide any part of you. There will be triggers everywhere you go and they will set you off big time, causing you to reveal your not so happy parts. We are spiritual beings, with a human side that has feelings. We will, no matter how happy we are on the inside, have those days that cause you to feel emotionally out of sorts. However, if you are reacting easily or shutting down often because of situations in your life, then you are holding some unhappiness within you that needs your attention. If you find yourself showing your ugly side a little too often, then there is more than just present day uncomfortable situations in your life, there is old stuff still lingering inside you.

Don’t worry and don’t feel bad, we all do this! It’s our beautiful human side, although it feels ugly when its out of balance. You don’t want to hide what you feel. However, you do want to work through any feelings that are uncomfortable for you. So, when that part that feels ugly starts to show up, give yourself a break. In other words, give yourself time to feel into that feeling and make an honest assessment of it before showing it to the world.

Take a moment and ask yourself “what is going on that I am not liking right now? What is this unhappy feeling I am experiencing”?

Then ask yourself “Why does this situation make me unhappy at this moment and what can I productively do to make it better?”

There is a lot of value in working through feelings, especially since you don’t want to suppress more feelings, causing a pile up of toxic emotions. As you practice this self-guidance, you may find that you are reaching into some old stuff and that is great! When you find old stuff coming up, make a thorough assessment of the situation, remind yourself that you are entitled to feel what you feel, and that you are compassionate enough to work through the situation in a mindful manner because you deserve to have peace in your life. That ugly side isn’t so ugly, it just needs a little love.

Have a compassionate and peaceful day,