Free will means having the power to choose your own reality. We all have free will. However, we only have as much free will as we have a clear mind. The more the soul mind is burdened with trauma and false limiting beliefs, the less free will we have, and, therefore, the less freedom to create the reality we desire.

About 90% of your thoughts and actions come from what is recorded in your unconscious mind. About 10% of your thoughts and actions come from your conscious mind. Free will comes from the conscious mind. If the thoughts in the unconscious mind are limiting unhealthy thoughts, then the actions that follow those thoughts will be limited and unproductive 90% of the time. Every time you make a decision from the conscious mind, you are using your free will. Every time an unconscious thought is not in alignment with your free will decision, you lose that free will because the unconscious mind has more power over your actions than your conscious mind.

Every unresolved hurtful experience in your life is active in the unconscious mind. Your unconscious mind, 90% of the day, is seeking to heal those hurtful experiences and at the same time seeking to confirm the victim status you gave yourself at that time. This becomes a never-ending cycle of wanting to heal while not wanting to let go of the belief you created about yourself from your experience. When the mind is in conflict, we lose the freedom to make choices which means we lose free will.

Everything that is active in the unconscious mind is contributing to the reality you are now creating. If you are doing self-healing work but not reaching the level of healing you need, then you have inner conflicts that are sabotaging your efforts.

To have a full range of free will you will need to resolve the conflicts in your unconscious mind. Inside every experience, there is a gift, a message, an important understanding about life.  We all came into this world with a special gift to bring to this planet. These gifts can be recognized through healing of painful experiences. If you do not care to do the work to heal your inner pain, then you are denying the world of your gifts. Once you heal your heart and release your soul of its burdens, you will notice your divine gifts unfolding. When you have a burdened soul, your soul does not feel worthy of its gifts and, therefore, you believe you have no purpose. This is completely false. You have a divine purpose, but it’s hidden deep in the mind with your soul mind burdens. Release the burdens and you will release your gifts.

You are a significant and valuable energetic being in this world. If you let that beautiful energy rise you will be able to create something beautiful for yourself, your loved ones and the world. If you continue to fight your fears and suppress your wounds, you are giving up your free will; the will to make better choices, the will to rise above survival consciousness, the will to give love and receive love and the will to create what you came here to create.

Soul mind burdens hold you back from living your authentic amazing self. You already know there is something special about you, but you can’t seem to reach it. Once you clear the distortions in the mind by healing your soul mind burdens, you will be in touch with your true self, your divine nature and your amazing gifts.

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What you seek is also seeking you. Release the blocked energy and get ready to thrive. The world is waiting for the authentic you to show up.

From My Hearts to Yours,