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Reincarnation is a debatable subject with strength on both sides of the argument. No matter what side you are on, if any, it doesn’t change the fact that a past life regression session does bring healing benefits to those who are willing to explore the unknown.

Through history, many renowned philosophers have suggested that we hold levels of consciousness within us, that consciousness is energy and energy does not die. Thoughts and feelings are also made up of energy and become locked in these levels of consciousness. However, thoughts and feelings outside the logical and reasoning conscious mind are not easily accessible, but contribute to the way we think and behave. These subconscious or unconscious thoughts and feelings come to life in our dreams through metaphors and symbols.

Experiencing a Past Life Regression is similar to dreaming. A person is guided into a deep level of consciousness, similar to light sleep or deep meditation, is then guided through past experiences in the current life time, into the womb experience and then beyond the womb and into a past life. The practitioner will then ask simple non-leading questions to help the explorer access information from the unconscious mind about the past life being experienced. Information surfaces from the imagination and a story will usually unfold through imagery, feelings, an intuitive knowing or some other form of discovery. Through this discovery process, the explorer will obtain information about who they were in that life, what their purpose was and who the significant people were in that lifetime. However, the most important part of the discovery process is what was gained from the experiences of that lifetime that contributed to the development and evolution of the soul.

The purpose of a past life experience is to bring awareness or to make conscious what is unconscious and negatively affecting the evolution of the soul. Emotional traumas that remain unconscious and unresolved in the soul will survive with the soul through successive incarnations causing the incarnated soul, through its human experience, to repeat these unconscious past life patterns until the soul is able to find resolution. Each time the soul gains spiritual value from a traumatic experience, the soul evolves, with the ultimate goal being spiritual enlightenment. Since the unconscious is energy and energy never dies, it can only be transformed. Whether the story being told during a past life regression is an actual past life experience of a reincarnated soul or a story fabricated by the unconscious, the undesirable patterns that show up in the story are strikingly similar to the explorer’s current emotional and behavioral challenges. The past life practitioner, during the session, will assist the explorer in finding a spiritual solution to these challenges including forgiveness, compassion, understanding, trust and acceptance of self and others. By observing the past and learning how to heal oneself of emotional baggage, the explorer can use the insight gained from the past life experience for healing similar current life challenges, and, thereby, transforming consciousness into a higher vibration of (more positive) energy.

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What I find most interesting about past life regression is that you do not need to believe in reincarnation for the past life experience to bring deep healing to the unconscious. Each of us would experience our own unique story which includes ourselves as the main character and may also include other characters that represent significant people in our current life. Anyone who is open minded about reincarnation may wonder if we actually recall past life memories when we experience a past life regression or are we creating metaphors to represent our deepest feelings about who we believe we are, how we perceive ourselves, our environment and our life in general? I don’t think anyone can answer that question with certainty; however, I will say, with certainty, that a past life regression provides deep emotional healing whether the information obtained is factual or fantasy. Even if the story being experienced is beyond bizarre, the emotions expressed during the regression are quite real, deeply felt and passionately experienced.

There are many different concepts as to where unconscious memories come from during a past life regression. Some theorists believe we don’t actually experience a past life but are experiencing trauma trapped in our cellular memory that was passed down from our ancestors. Some theorists believe we are tapping into the fields of the “collective unconscious”, a term coined by Swiss psychiatrist Dr. Carl Jung. Dr. Jung believed we not only possess our own individual unconscious, as proposed by Dr. Sigmund Freud, Austrian neurologist and father of psychoanalysis, but we also possess a piece of universal consciousness, giving us the ability to bring forth symbols and images that represent our thoughts and feelings about who we are. No matter where the images, symbols and metaphors come from, the explorer is having a unique experience that is truly a form of unconscious awakening.

It is worth noting that the theory of reincarnation goes back many years and the practice of past life regression is becoming more and more acceptable as a healing modality. Many people have reported that a past life regression session has brought more inner healing to them than five years of traditional therapy. Past life regression is not for everyone, yet most will benefit. Whether you are just curious about the experience or would like to dig deep into your unconscious for insight and possibly emotional healing, a past life regression can be a miraculous and enlightening experience. There is an abundance of information on past life regression on the internet, in bookstores and at your local library. I believe it is a fascinating subject and one worth investigating, even for the most skeptical of minds.

On a final note, from my own research on reincarnation and as a practicing past life regressionist, I have witnessed deep healing take place. I believe many of us have been disconnected from our essence, causing us to feel powerless and alone as fearful thoughts consume us. When you experience a past life regression, you are connecting with something bigger and more powerful than your current understanding of life. You are touching upon a deeper place within you; a place that may be holding onto repressed feelings or inherited memories that are causing you grief. Awareness of these uncomfortable feelings is the most important step in the healing process. In a past life regression, you are the explorer and the healer; it is a gift you give to yourself. I close this article with the following excerpt from the Gospel of Thomas:

“If you bring forth what is within you,

what you bring forth will save you.

If you do not bring forth what is within you,

what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”