pocket watch and old style map to symbolize past life regression

Lives Between Lives Soul Exploration

Embark on Soul Journey and Begin Healing Your Past

During a Lives Between Lives (LBL) Soul Exploration, you will be safely guided through the past life that was experienced before entering into your current life. We will explore that past life to the end in a gentle and peaceful manner, at which time you will be guided into the spirit world to visit with other soul beings and other places in the spirit world. You will visit your soul group, ascended masters, higher council and your spirit guides.

“During our lives all of us will experience opportunities for change which involve risk. These occasions may come at inconvenient times. We may not act upon them, but the challenge is there for us. The purpose of reincarnation is the exercise of free will. Without this ability, we would be impotent creatures indeed.” – Michael Newton, Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives

You will experience telepathic communications with other beings to learn about your soul’s journey, what you have learned from your prior lives, how well you are doing in your current life and what your soul’s purpose is, how you can help others on your soul’s journey, and what your soul needs to experience further growth.  Prior to your visit, you will be asked to provide five questions that you would like answered in the spirit world. You will also be asked to list the ten most significant characters in your current life, as these characters are likely to be a part of your soul group.  An LBL Soul Exploration is healing for the soul. An LBL Soul Exploration will provide you with deep and profound insight about your soul’s past, personality traits, repeated patterns that are affecting your current life, soul contracts and vows you made, your experiences with others in your soul group, your divine purpose, your soul mates and companions, and the healing that needs to place on a soul level for soul development and evolution.

TRAINING: Trained by Karen E. Wells, trainer for Dr. Michael Newton at The Newton Institute. Dr. Michael Newton discovered the Lives Between Lives spiritual regression technique and is the author of several books on the spirit world including Journey of Souls,  Lives Between Lives: Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression, Destiny of Souls and Memories of the Afterlife.  Karen E. Wells also worked extensively with Mike Robinson, International Spiritual Teacher with best selling book The True Dynamics of Life.


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