IET® Integrated Energy Therapy

 IET®  is Integrated Energy Therapy  and is one of the next generation hands on power energy therapy systems that gets the “issues out of your tissues”.   The technique was developed by Stevan Thayer, author, speaker, Reiki Master and Interfaith Minister. Stevan is also the founder of The Center of Being in Woodstock, NY.

IET® works with the energy layers of the client, including the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers.  These layers which make up our energy field can become blocked and cause dramatic disturbances in our lives leading to physical systems ranging from mild to serious. IET® is an energy release technique which works to clear the blockages from the client’s energy fields to allow for the natural flow of energy  through each layer of the energy field.  By releasing these blocks, the client begins to feel lighter, self-empowered and more connected spiritually.

Our life experiences create emotions, some of which are undesirable. Negative emotions, once anchored into the body, become stagnated energy in our energy field. Over time, as we experience additional negative emotions that resonate with the emotion already blocked in our energy system, that blockage expands and gains strength and eventually calls out for help by exhibiting physical symptoms.

During an IET® session, the suppressed emotions are released through very gentle, quarter-sized acupressure like points. This happens very naturally and easily without the person having any need to remember the stressful events that caused the blockage/suppressed emotion.

Most people experience a deep sense of relaxation during their sessions. Some see colors or visions. There may be sensations of heaviness or lightness. Some people may feel cold as the energy is releasing from the energy layers.

IET® works through the use of gentle, hands-on touch directed to specific areas of the body where we hold emotions. During the sessions, the emotions are released and cleared and the client will begin to experience a greater sense of balance and clarity.

TRAINING: Trained in Advanced IET by Maria Kramer of Awaken Peace and Love. Maria is a Master IET Practitioner and Instructor.