A Journey of Self Discovery

Get to know and love yourself through the energy of your Heartspace
Release the wounded past and let the true you come alive


This is a self healing program that includes an audio CD explaining how and why we internalize the angst of others and allow them to steal our joy; four interactive exercises that take you gently through an acknowledgment and release process; self-hypnosis healing affirmations, four meditations that will guide you through a deeper healing experience, returning you back to the joy you were meant to experience in this lifetime.

Listen to a Sample:

The Hearts in Harmony Healing Experience

Where Deep and Profound Healing Begins

Are you feeling a void in your life? Feelings of emptiness? Sadness? Loneliness? Unworthiness? Feeling Unlovable?

Do you get upset easily? Do you find yourself involved in many negative experiences?

Do you look for ways to avoid feeling empty inside? Do you continually seek acceptance and approval from others?


You are not alone. Most of us are searching for that magic that is going to bring us the happiness we want. The joy we seek. The fulfillment of life we crave. That missing piece.


Unfortunately, most people are looking outside of themselves to find that magic, the missing piece. Well, you may want to know that the missing piece is not anything or anyone outside of you. That fulfillment you seek is right there within you.

Its called self-approval!

When you are not fully loving and accepting of yourself, you will seek that love and acceptance outside of you.

Are you ready for change?

Are you ready to transform those feelings of emptiness into feelings of confidence, inner power, strength, self-compassion, self-acceptance and unrestricted self-love?

Then you should know that:

You are the ONLY ONE in this world that can lead yourself into a journey of self-transformation.

You are the ONLY ONE that holds the power to create the life you desire.

No person and no material object can change the way you feel about yourself, EXCEPT YOU


The Hearts in Harmony Healing Experience Program takes you inside of yourself; where deep healing takes place by guiding you gently and lovingly through all the necessary steps to:

  • Help you find those feelings deep in your heart that are keeping you stuck where you are
  • Release the blocks that prevent you from being fully loving and accepting of yourself
  • Bring you into that space of self-love and self-acceptance so you no longer seek approval outside of you
  • Guide yourself into that knowing that the inability of another to be kind and loving has nothing to do with you
  • Practice Acceptance, Understanding, Compassion and Forgiveness for self and others so you can live a life of joy and freedom

HEARTS SCROLLThe Hearts in Harmony Healing Experience is a gentle but yet very powerful healing program that helps you get to know YOU, the amazing and lovable YOU. No matter what your memories or experiences tell you….. you are always a divine light of love!

And now you can experience this program in the privacy of your own home.
In your own time. At your own pace.