This Past Life Regression audio will take you into a very deep relaxed place.

The questionnaire below is useful for documenting specific important details of your experience.

Past Life Question Guide

1. What was your general experience?

2. What are some details you would like to journal immediately (name, significant others, career, talents, skills)?

3. What did you come into that lifetime to learn?

4. What did you bring with you in this current lifetime from that past lifetime (talents, skills, wisdom)?

5. Is there anyone from that lifetime that you have a contract with in this lifetime? What are the terms?

6. How do you relate your past lifetime to any presenting issues in this current lifetime?

7. Did you notice any particular patterns from your last time that relate to your current lifetime?

8. How do you feel about yourself in that lifetime you just experienced?

9. What did you choose to release in that lifetime so it doesn’t carry forward with you in other lifetimes?

10. Were there any specific signs that tell you where or when this past life took place.

11. How do you feel about the way that lifetime ended?

12. What was your life purpose in that past lifetime?



Thank you, and Enjoy,