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Kelly Tallaksen, Board Certified Hypnotist and owner of Hearts in Harmony Hypnosis, writes profound and informational articles that help one along their healing journey. She is even a guest blogger on Natural News Website, in addition to her breakthrough CD set for self-healing and various audio pieces for healing.

Showing Your Ugly Side

Are you on the spiritual path, trying all sorts of techniques to put you back in balance? Are you doing guided meditations, attending workshops and maybe even falling prey to all those on-line quick fix programs to help you reconnect with life? I know that path...

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I Am Perfect…. I am Safe

Authentic love is without condition, without judgment, without attachments and without expectations. Everything is perfect when you accept the imperfections. It is only when you love yourself without conditions that you can experience authentic love, which then allows...

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I Will Never Forgive You Because….

I will never forgive you because You broke my heart You were not kind and loving when I needed you to be When you're not kind and loving it makes me feel unlovable When I feel unlovable it makes me question my ability to be loved When I question my ability to be loved...

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Is Fear of Rejection Holding you Back?

When Did That Deep Fear of Rejection Set In? You’d be Surprised! I once thought we were born with all kinds of fears because I remember being very small and feeling extreme fear over anything that crawled fast, especially bugs. I’ve heard many parents say that their...

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Who Stole My Truth?

I really love those power seminars; Those powerful words spoken by assertive, outgoing and passionate leaders in the field of positive thinking.  These thought provoking speakers want to provide you with information about finding your inner truth, gaining that freedom...

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